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Cultural Sights and Destinations

1.1  Archeological Sites and Byzantine Monuments

In Serres there are numerous Byzantine monuments, such as the Metropolitan temple of Aghioi Theodoroi, the three-section Byzantine Varosi basilica in the center of the old city, the 13th century church of Ai Giorgis Kryoneritis and the 14th century church of Ai Nikolas. There are also many Turkish monuments, such as the mosque of Ahmet Pasha and the mosque Tsirlitzi. Other monuments include:

  • The monastery of Timios Prodromos, founded in 1270.
  • In the north part of Serres, situated in the hill of Koula, there are the ruins of the ancient acropolis and of the 18m high Byzantine fortress, known as “the tower of the King”.
  • The ancient colony of the Athenians, Amphipolis, founded in 437 B.C. Outside of the village, near the bridge of Strymon, lies the famous “Leon of Amphipolis”, a 14th century memorial sculpture. The necropolis of Amphipolis, the tomb of Paleokomi, the remains of Hellenistic and Roman period houses, the Altar of the muse Kleio, the paleo-Christian arcade and the walls are some other significant monuments in the area.
  • Near the village of Gazoros there are the ruins of a prehistoric settlement and acropolis.
  • Ancient Irakleia, near Irakleia (Tzoumagia), which was the capital of Paionia.
  • In the center of Nigrita there is the well of the legendary “Gerakina”.  
  • North of the village Nea Kerdulia there is the ancient city and the Macedonian tombs.
  • Sidirokastro is a small picturesque town built in the river bank of the river Krousovitis. The name of the town refers to a castle built by Vasileios Voulgaroktonos. There you can also see the interesting temple of Aghios Dimitrios, carved in a rock.

1.2 Traditional Settlements

Proti, Aidonochori, Emmanouil Papas, Ahladochori, Sidirokastro, Ano Poroia


 1.3 Museums

  • The museum of Serres features archeological findings from all the historical periods in the region.
  • The Sarakatsan Folklore Museum is known for its unique exhibits.
  • The Ecclesiastic Museum features icons and religious items of great historical value and is housed in the building of the Holy Metropolis of Serres.
  • The archaeological museum of Amphipolis hosts valuable findings of the Classic and Hellenistic era, mosaics, and Byzantine and post-Byzantine relics.
  • In Nigrita there is the folklore collection of the House of Culture.
  • The Folklore Museum of Sidirokastro


1.4 Folkloric Events - Customs

  • Every year, after Easter, the “Gerakineia” festival is held. It is a celebration dedicated to the legend of Gerakina. According to legend, Gerakina was a girl who fell in the well and drowned. This legend has inspired numerous folk songs and dances.
  • On January 8, in Monokklisia, a unique matriarchal custom takes place. On this day, men take over the household and do all the house work, while women go out in the cafes and engage in male occupations.
  • In Aghia Eleni, on the 21st of May, the festival of “Anastenaria” is held.