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Natural Sights and Destinations

Hot Springs

  • In Therma, 5km from Nigrita, there are 3 hot springs.
  • Loutra in Sidirokastro, 6km from the city.
  • Hot springs of Agkisti.


2.2 Ski centers- mountain shelters

  • The ski resort of Lailias is located in the mountain of Vrontous in an altitude of 1500m. There is a mountain refuge near the forest of Lailias with capacity 75 persons. Lailias is a controlled hunting area.
  • There is a mountain refuge in mount Paggaio, in the site of Bougatina. Altitude: 900m., capacity: 20 persons.  


2.3 Caves - Gorges

  • The cave of Alistratis is situated 6km southeast of the homonym village. It is one of the largest and most impressive caves in Greece, with a spectacular interior of great paleontological interest. The total length of its tunnels is about 3km.
  • The beautiful gorge of Aggitis is about 15km, extending between the mountain groups of Paggaio and Mentikio.  


2.4 Biotopes – Natural Monuments

  • The lake of Kerkini is a rich and important wetland with a wide range of rare flora and fauna protected by the international Ramsar convention. The lake acquired its present form in 1932, when the dam in the village of Lithotopos was constructed. It is surrounded by the mountains of Mavrovouni, Krousia and Beles.
  • The lake of Kerkini, the river mouth of Strymon and the summits of Beles, Krousia, Menoikio, Kouskouras and Kerdylia and Ai Giannis, are protected and controlled wild life resorts.
  • The mountains of Vrontous and Lailias are controlled hunting areas and are protected as natural monuments.