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Indicative list of accomodation

The "Tour and Ecology Center Kerkini - Beles" (Oikoperiigitis)

The "Tour and Ecology Center Kerkini - Beles", known as "Oikoperiigitis" (which means “Ecotourist” in Greek) offers accomodation and tours in the region of Kerkini focusing on environmental awareness and education. The owner, Ioannis Reklos, left the city of Thessaloniki in 1993 and decided to become a permanent resident of Kerkini. The “oikoperiigitis” initiative started in 1994 with canoe tours in the lake and three years later he founded the first ecotourist hotel in the region. Today, “oikoperiigitis” features 20 rooms for accommodation, 20 canoes, 70 bicycles, three jeeps and 4 boats for its organized tours. As the owner claims, it is important to create tourist businesses that are friendly to the environment and aim to educate people about ecological issues.