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The region of Serres is home to a plethora of archeological sites that attract many tourists every year. Some of the most representative sites are the Byzantine fortress and the Macedonian tombs in Sidirokastro,  the Roman cemetery in Achladochori, the ancient Necropolis in Oreini, ect. Furthermore, the region features many monuments of the modern era, such as the entrenchments of Rupel and the entrenchments of “Isti Bey” in Agkistro, both of which are of great historical value. They are two fortification works constructed before WW II, during which they became sites of gory battles.

The local sights include:

  • A large number of diverse archaeological sites
  • A large number of monuments, archeological sites and historical districts.
  • The cultural and natural landscapes, product of the long and harmonious co-existence of humans and nature.
  • Landscapes of exceptional beauty