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Stone bridges

Stone bridges, built from local craftsmen or groups of handymen from Epirus and Macedonia,

are the real achievements and distinguishable samples of our folk architecture.

Particularly for the area there are bridges in the area of Achladochori.

Nominally, these gorges are the following:

  • The bridge of Samokova
  • The bridge of Pechtseta
  • The bridge of Toupouvitsa
  • The bridge of Kato Belitsa
  • The bridge of Tziogola (Ano Belitsa)
  • •The bridge at Potistika site
  • The bridge of Libadia
  • The bridge of Agora
  • The bridge of Kousevic
  • The bridge of Pitsour
  • The bridge of Kapnofito
  • Water bridge (double-arch bridge) at Kapnofito, on the road of Sidirokastro-Achladochori

Also, in the city of Serres, there are the following stone bridges:


  • The bridge of Ahmet Pasa
  • The Red bridge

Bridges north-western of Serres

  • The bridge of Kato Oreini
  • The bridge in the village of Banitsa
  • The Sariyar bridge
  • The bridge of Elaionas (Doutli)

Modern stone bridges on the road of Serres-Vrondou and elsewhere

  • The first modern stone bridge
  • The second modern stone bridge
  • The third modern stone bridge

Water bridges

  • The double arch bridge on the road of Sidirokastro-Achladochori
  • The water bridge on the hill of Mousala eastern of the area of Pandeleimonas (Tsoublek Dere)
  • The byzantine water bridge eastern of the hill of Acropoli of Serres city (Koulas)
  • The water bridge of Elaionas fountains
  • The water bridge or Kemeri of Agio Pnevma
  • The water bridge of the factory in Vrondou
  • The second water bridge at the eastern flume of Agriani


Source : Δημόσια Κεντρική Βιβλιοθήκη Σερρών