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Natural Environment

The region is characterized by the imposing high mountain groups that surround it. To the northwest, there is the mountain chain of Beles and Mavrovouni, to the northeast there is the mount Orvilos, to the southwest there is the mount Kerdylio, while to the east the mount Menikio and the mountain chain of Vrontous with the beautiful forest of Lailia dominate the landscape.

The mount Paggaio extends to the southeast, while to the southwest lies the mount Vertiskos. The lake of Kerkini, the cave of Alistratis and the gorge of Aggitis complete the natural masterpiece of the Prefecture. The region is home to a vast array of plants and trees; from aquatic plants and animals in the rivers and the lake of Kerkini to coniferous and hardwood forests in the mountainous areas.

With such a rich natural environment it is normal that the area also features an equally rich fauna.  The mountains of the prefecture are home to rabbits, deer, boars, wolves, foxes, ect. The jackal and the water buffalo is two of the more intriguing rare animals in the area; the latter is rarely found in the site of “avathi” in the lake of Kerkini. 
The area also features many geothermal fields, which are mainly used for medicinal baths and less often in the sector of agriculture.