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Sites of Natural Beauty in the Prefecture of Serres

We recommend you visit the following sites:


o        Agkistro (fish farm (trout), abundant vegetation, flowing waters, hot springs)

o        Ano Poroia (abudant vegetation, century-old plane trees, flowing waters)

o        Neon Kerdylion beach (southern part of the prefecture)

o        The site of “Kapetanoudi” (artificial lake, abundant vegetation - Lefkonas)

o        The site of “Zesta Nera” (abundant vegetation, wild natural landscape, warm waters - Sidirokastro)

o        The valley of Sidirokastro

o        The valley of Krousovitis (abundant vegetation, arched bridges – Ahladochori)

o        The valley of Loggia (century-old plane trees, flowing waters- Neo Petritsi)

o        Forest and botanical garden – ecological center and aquarium of Vyroneia (30 fish species of the Kerkini lake