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Sfagnonas as a Preserved Natural Monument

Sfagnonas, situated in the site of “Balta Tsair”, was declared Natural Monument according to the decision of the Ministry of Agriculture no. 105497/6459/11.08.86. The site covers an area of 3,9 hectares and features rare species of the Greek flora of great   paleo-botanical interest that helps scientists study the historical development of the forest vegetation in the area. 

Research and analysis in the site provides us with useful information that trace the origins of the forest and its vegetation 3000 years ago. Scientists derive information on the development and change in the forest vegetation through time by analysing the pollen of the trees. Nowadays, the most dominant association is Luzulo- Fagetum moesiacum and the beech trees dominate the area.

The 3,9 hectares of Sfagnonas is a fenced area with no information signs.  Therefore, it is protected but it is not possible to visit it. However, it is important to make more efforts to protect and promote this important site of Lailia.