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The Wetland of Kerkini

Kerkini’s artificial reservoir is one of the most beautiful and rare wetlands, protected by the international convention RAMSAR, featuring a rich vegetation, flora and fauna. The lake is situated 37km north from Serres and you can arrive there by car or by train. 

The wetland of Kerkini boasts more than 300 bird species and many fish species, mammals, reptiles and amphibians that lived there before the dam was built.  The unique bird population in Kerkini is also its most famous feature. The region is home to some of the most important populations of herons, cormorants and eurasian spoonbills in the north Balkans. The lake of Kerkini is the premier Dalmatian Pelikan (Pelecanus Crispus) habitat in Europe during the winter and the largest wetland covered by water lilies in Greece. Around the lake lives the largest population of buffalos in Greece (around 500). If you are lucky, you might be able to see buffalos bathing in the lake in the region of Megalochori (in the location “Trigono”) or in the river banks of the river Strymon (after the bridge of Vyroneia).

In order to visit and experience the unique beauties of Kerkini, contact one of the private touring offices active in the area (community of Kerkini, Vyroneia, ect.) and the “environmental center” in the community of Kerkini, which has created several observation sites and recreational areas for the visitors.

The “heart” of the Kerkini lake is situated in the Municipality of Petritsio, where the lakeside forest extends with the amazing bird nests of rare birds. You can reach the stupendous lakeside forest from Megalochori and from the port of Mandrakio by boat. Visitors should remember that the site is protected; therefore they should be discrete when observing the birds and leave the environment unharmed.