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An overview of the prefecture of Serres

The prefecture of Serres is located in the eastern part of Central Macedonia and borders with the prefectures of Kilkis and Thessaloniki to the west, with the prefecture of Drama to the east and with the prefecture of Kavala to the south. It also borders with Bulgaria to the north and to the northwest with FYROM. Its total size is 3935 square kilometres and the total population is 199040 residents (1.9% τof the total population of Greece).  The capital of the prefecture is the homonym city, which connects with the rest of Greece via train and bus. Serres is a pre-Hellenic city, built on the location of the ancient city of Siris or Sirra, which was constructed before the Trojan war by the Paiones people that resided in the area. Today, many historical monuments are preserved in the city, including the old city.