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Star night, Ano Vrondou of Serres

A rain of stars at the August sky..

At August 9, 2008 in Ano Vrondou of Serres, "Aspropili Serron" calls the "lovers" of the sky to "climb" at 1050 m to...enjoy "the rain"

PERSEIDS are remnants of Swift-Tuttle Comet that was found in 1862 and is aged 120 years old. These Meteors- that are attracted by earth- passing through the atmosphere, overheat (and burn) and leave behind them a luminous light. During their yearly movement-around the Sun- earth meets these clusters of Meteors-that curve around the Sun and create the rain. Their traces seem to come from one and only point that is located neat the star or the sign of Perseas.

The 2nd STAR NIGHT-PERSEIDS RAIN takes place in Aspropyli of Serres with the support of the Prefectural Self-Government of Serres and is integrated to the celebrations for the International Year of Planet Earth 2008. Organizations that participate at Aspropyli of Serres: