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"Babo" & the Association of "Married Women-Lysistrati"

A special reference should be made to the Folklore Cultural Women Association "Babo" and the Cultural Association of "Married Women-Lysistrati" that are located at the provinces of Ano Kamila and Monoklisia respectively. These two associations maintain the "custom of petticoat government" that is maybe the only one in Greece. The "Petticoat government" is one of the cultural events that tend to become an institution that takes place every year at January 8.
The above event is showed not only at the local channels but also at national channels and refers to the tourist maps and the brochures regarding the cultural activities.

The main events in the Province of Mitrousi are at July 14 and August 15 take place in the honour of the Macedonian hero Kapetan Mitousis and the Macedonian Battle.
During these events, cultural, sport, theatrical plays and lectures take place.
In these events, apart from the Association of the Prefecture of Serres, other Associations from abroad also participate.

Another important event of the Municipality is the one that takes place for the memory of the Genocide of the Pontiac people.