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The prehistoric settlements of the area of Serres

Herodotos writes «Ειη δέ Παιονίη επί τω Στρυμόνι ποταμώ πεπολισσμένη» (Herodotus Υ,13) The area of Strimonas river was densely populated since the ancient times.

The Prefecture of Serres is populated since the prehistoric era and the Palaeolithic and Neolithic era. Since that era it has constantly been populated with a noticeable historic action and culture.

From the catalogues of the archaeological countries and the monuments of the Prefecture of Serres it is concluded that until now fourteen hundred and nine settlements have been found, twenty three of which are of the classical and Hellenistic era and twenty four of the Roman.

The governor of the classical antiquities of Kavala Mrs Koukouli, in an article for the excavations of Promachonas-Topolnica states that “The archaeological researches that have taken place so far in the basin of Serres have shown that settlements have developed not only in the plain but mainly at the banks of the mountainous clusters that surround the valley of Strimonas”.
The most of the prehistoric settlements are located eastern of Strimonas river.

Some of the prehistoric settlements are located nearer to each other. For example, at Agio Pnevma, at Vergi, at Gazoro, at Pentapoli, at Toumpa, at Chriso two prehistoric settlements, the one very close to the other gather, while at Dimitra there are three settlements in a small distance from each other. The individual settlements are many.

These four hundred and nine settlements (with a few exceptions) were found accidentally, during the tillage with modern agricultural machines and the digging of the farms without archaeological excavations. In these settlements unused and used stone tools, mattocks, toolers of many kinds, conches of the stone age and various arched tombs from the prehistoric era were found.

Systematic excavations in prehistoric settlements of the Prefecture of Serres took place at Toumpa of Dimitra, at the railway station of Agista, at the Greek-Bulgarian borders of Promachonas-Τopolnica in cooperation with the Bulgarian archaeological service. For a simple finding of a prehistoric settlement, rough intersections in other prehistoric settlements took place.

Three hundred and four ancient cities are numbered in the second volume of the history of Serres of the late historian G. Kaftatzis.