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Prehistoric settlement in the area named “Altsoua Koula” at Achladochori in Serres

A prehistoric settlement of the late Neolithic era as it is shown from the first casual findings has been found in the community of Achladochori in Serres. Evidences of habitation of the Neolithic era were found in a low trapezoid hill eastern-south-eastern of Achladochori in a distance of 1.5 km from the area named "Altsoua Koula". Illegal excavations that obviously took place recently. brought to light part of a rough wall structure from a house that accommodated some of the inchoate households of the settlement, while remnants of the domestic activities of its residents such as debris from unpainted and clumsy vessels, ink coloured undecorated vessels with written corrugated or engraved decoration as well as tools that were found spread have been gathered from residents of the area.

The adjunct professor of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Mr Konstantinos Kotsakis and the archaeologist Mr Petros Samsaris responded to the suggestion of the president of the community of Achladochori Mr Petros Pavlidis and visited the area where they confirmed that indeed it is a settlement of the Neolithic era. After the gathering of the casual findings they were given to the archaeological service while the archaeologist of the museum of Serres Mrs Magda Vala that visited the area, confirmed the evaluations of Mr Kotsakis and Mr Samsaris.

"The identifiable casual prehistoric relics, although poor in quantity and quality, they consist truthful witnesses of the significance of this site and aid towards the rough determination of its location” stressed Mr Samsaris in his recent article.