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Central Macedonia is the “gate of the European Union” to the Balkan countries. It borders with Bulgaria to the north, through the border passage of Promachon in the Prefecture of Serres.

This portal is the result of a collaborative effort of the Municipalities of Captain Mitrousis and Lefkonas and the communities of Oreini, Ano Vrontous, Achladochori, Promachon and Agkistro. Our aim is to promote the cultural, historical and natural heritage of Central Macedonia and preserve it for future generations to come. 

Breathtaking landscapes and sites of great historical and cultural value await you to discover them. Experience the beauties of Central Macedonia, walk in its beautiful forests and its exceptional archaeological sites. We invite you to take a tour in the Byzantine monasteries, in the picturesque walking trails in the majestic mountains, and the unique historical sites.